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Morning-Dec. 2004

Well, it's 10:45.
I walked to school on my own this morning. Didn't see any of the cranes, but I saw both the white and grey ones yesterday, so I count myself as lucky. There's men working on our roof today, so it's good to get out of the house. Poor kitty, though, cause he is scared of the noises - probably thinks it's an earthquake!
Well, I got to school and hopped online. I wasn't going to get on any messengers, but I got on msn just for the heck of it and who should be online but my boyfriend Robert!! It's been ages since I've talked to him, and I was very excited! He is still really busy, but the work is going very well and it's really interesting, too! I miss him ;_; But he's so busy right now that even if I were at home we wouldn't get to talk much. So while I get through another semester in Japan, he'll get through some of the worst of this work and then we'll be getting together in June! ^__^ Yay! I am excited!
Well, soon Gina should be getting here. I think I will not let her go home this weekend 'cause I won't know what to do with myself when she leaves! noo!
Oh, and I know none of the church members read this, but thanks to a bunch of them for sending me Christmas cards! ^_^ And also to my mom, aunt and granparents for sending me all kinds of goodies to munch on! ^_^

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