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Merry Christmas 2004!

Merry Christmas^^
I had a good day today. My spirits are lifted and I have eaten some good food (a sandwich, aloe yogurt and chicken-cheese sticks!) also I watched a movie with the girls here and it was fun^^ Now I am IM-ing my parents and then I plan to open my presents and then sleep a long time! My brother is gaming online and mom and dad seem happy to talk to me ^_^ I am content - for the most part (except I hear rumors of a ghost here..) - and feeling like all my guilt has gone away after discussing host family-matters with Chase - it was good to rant a bit and I appreciated the talk ^^
So, I am feeling cleansed, excited, and settled in here at seminar house one since I moved in yesterday. All seems to be back to the normal cheerful atmosphere ^_^ yahoo!
I am happy! I read some Silmarillion today and found lots of pretty icons and I am in my old routine for this time of year!
I was looking at screens from the EE of ROTK and getting excited...^_^..and impatient :p Let's see...about this time 2 years ago I was ordering my Frodo plushie! Has it been 2 years?! O_o;;
I'm gonna go spend time relazing my brain now...

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