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In the past, I never gave "joy" much credit. But overemphasizing other values gave painful gifts. Joy is pure and true and it makes life hopeful ^_^
I am very joyous today^^ Not just because it's Christmas. In fact, I am sitting in a swealtering hot computer lab, drank too much hot tea too quickly, and halfway around the world from the celebrations of home and family. But! I am wholeheartedly content and overjoyed ^_^ I have the internet, new music, and that's all :) It's good to be happy with little and appreciate as much as possible - good simply because you are happy more of the time that way.

a little prayer can go a long way sometimes, too

I have a lot yet to learn, but I know right now that I am having a good time^^
I wish I were stronger, but I fear driving people away - where is the balance? I think I am too leukwarm. But I will keep learning! ^_^ Like, my host mom told me: I must work harder next time. I know. I will try and work to improve myself more and more! But for now, I'll be content with things as they are, because, hey, it's a holiday! ^_^ Everyone deserves a break sometimes ^_~ And like the song says: "holidays are made for reading and remembering the things that are worth repeating"

Have a joyous holiday season everyone!

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