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Finding ways to pass the time!

One of those random entries:

--Listening to Jars of Clay
Wow they are so good! I'd forgotten :p And I have their latest cd, too! yay! I am enjoying myself ^___^

--Talking to mom
IM is a lifesaver :p Free communication long distance! Can you believe that it's been 4 months since I have talked to my parents - like, in person or on the phone! Wow. That's not that I don't love them - they are the most awesome people ever! ^_^ I love my home so much! And that's the truth! It's just that when I tried to use my phonecard, it didn't work. And my host family seemed to be picky about using electronics in the house so...

--Thinking about taking a nap
My futon here is the comfiest thing ever!! It is all thick and fluffy and warm! Oh man, my room has a heater!! My host family room didn't, like most homes in Japan. And it was so terribly cold! But here it's all warm and cozy! Ahhh it's so nice!

--Wondering what to eat
I am lazy! The nearest foodshops (aka the 7-11's) are both about 10 mins away on foot. And I am cheap and hate paying $7 dollars for foodstuffs for a meal...must conserve my little bit of money...but eating is also good^^

--Hoping no roomate moves in today..
I am supposed to get a roomate...but she hasn't shown up so far. I never met her before so I am kinda nervous. Hope she doesn't hate manga or stuffed animals - I have a lot of both! Plushies! XD

--I want to watch a less intense movie sometime..
last night we watched one that was a bit violent and the end made me cry - I need something to temper me out...something like...hmm...Master and Commander XD Well, last year at this time I was aching to see that again but it had left theatres...BTW, did I tell everyone that I got a reply from my fanmail back from Mr Lee Ingleby? ^_^

--A note for gamers
Zelda Oracle of Ages is a real pain. (lol) I play a couple hours, get stuck more and get stuck more and die multiple's depressing! So, yeah. I am on my way to the water castle and my friend warned me that it is hard...I am not looking forward to that :p Maybe I will stick to tetris...falling blocks...falling blocks...tetris lines...high score rocket ship ending! w00t!

--What else can I fit in here?
At this time, my dad is getting ready to go set up the late night Christmas Eve service at church. Mom and my brother and going to head to bed in a while. Wonder if they put Christmas lights around the door this year? Or if the people of our street put out candles in those paper bags? Nobody's been doing it the past couple years! It's sad. My yard holds special memories for me because we used to line up the Christmas candles there and it is from there that I stargazed as a child. ^_^ The moon always hung over the east, over Milton, when it was full. Sometimes I'd break out the binoculars or the cheap telescope and chase it. But the street lamp always dimmed out the stars. We could always fine the dipper, Orion, and Casseopeia though!

--Talking about stars...
I love science! ^_^ Biology and minerology and hematology and all that! Lately, my favorite gemstones are moss agate and carnelian. I love semiprecious stones - they are pure. And I love clay. And trees with the light shining through...and creeks and the coastline of the sea where the music of the Ainur still dwells...Ah science is a study of creation - but I don't get how they can discount the creator...ah well - I get mad when people assume Christians are ignorant or lame because of faith. The whole deal with internationalism sometimes really upsets me. And here I am in Japan! ^_^ Ahhh ironic!

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