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Dream - cars, bags, cliffs, candles

In a school, there was going to be some feild trip - there was some debate or disagreement among the teachers for some reason. They were in the nextdoor room as I lined up chairs in the vacent room.
Then we were on the trip, and for some reason a big divide occurred amongst the people involved. I decided to side with the one group and stay and fight it out (whatever it was). ...This is where it gets confusing...Because I end up doing something, then flashing back through it later - though I am not sure whether I dreamed in realtime or only dreampt about the flashback...So let's see...

We were at our car - it was light blue (that's not the color of any of my family's cars!) There was myself and my companion (a figure sort of resembling my brother in character). I told him, we have to get our things and go back to the office/to the place. I started getting my big brown wheeled suitcase out of the trunk but he made no move to get his. I tried to reason with him, but he seemed undecided.

Then the "evil" guy came. He tried convincing me to just leave and not get any more involved. Somewhere during this time my dad or teacher (or both) showed up and started arguing with the bad man. Then it became apparnet that the bad guy was going to not let us return no matter what.

Next thing I can clearly remember is seeing my teacher hanging onto the edge of the parking lot-plateau, one foot planted in the side to hold him up and the evil guy working to pry him off and drop him over the side.

I ran over, and my companion followed and together we jumped on the bad guy and shoved him off. I am not sure, but I think my teacher was ok. The bad guy was definately dead though. I felt a bit shocked by what I'd done, but figured I'd continue what I was trying to do in the first place!

So, I turned back to the car, took one of the bags I'd earlier gotten out of the car and started returning for the place where I was trying to go back to originally (which was not not a hotel or mall but a kind of hanger bay or something.

I trudged slowly, by myself, into the hanger bay with a heavily filled shopping-type-bag. Men all around me with guns told me to stop, so I did. A main guy came and asked why I'd come back. I stammered. Then he lit a candle and it flickered with a weird greenish blue flame and then the voice of the evil guy came from it, and then it flashbacked into the scene with him. I remember him lighting the candle because it wasn't a candle at all. It was a candlestick, short, simple, black, and some kind of cold metal-like material. He flicked a match against the inside of it and a flame appeared and sat in the depression of the candlestick.

After hearing the story, the man nodded and everyone backed off.
I don't know what it was that I was doing or trying to do or what it was that everyone was fighting about was like a suspenseful action movie :p

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