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yesterday was interesting!

I did the usual for starters: got on IM, picked up bread and yogurt for lunch at the 7-11, bought the 10th vol. of DNAngel, started reading it and studying for the kanji jump test, then I got bored.
Luckily, things got interesting...
First, I got an email from Marilyn saying that she was coming - yay! Perfect timing! We had fun sharing photos from home and music also! It was good times ^_^ Sorry I took the last coke ;P

After that I went upstairs to find 3 of my dorm-mates working on cleaning the kithcen. They'd finished washing the dirty pans in the sink (every pan in our kitchen had been dirty and in the sink...cause last semester's students are mean!). So I joined up. I got stoves O_o and man was it a task! We washed every surface: microwaves, tabletops, floor, tables, cabinets, everything! The refridgerators got cleaned out and mold-obentos got thrown out...

Then there was the stove.. Usagi-chan and me spent alot of time turning the black stove pans into silver again. And I mean they were totally covered in layers upon layers of charred on black foods and noodles and man it was gross. But we were victorious! ^____^ Now the kitchen is clean and we are feeling mighty good! And I must say, we had a lot of fun working together to get it done - even though it was frusterating and gross - we kept yelling at the dirt and I was greatly amused by it all! ^_^ It was definately a ton of fun!

Today I have plans to do...something though its undecided what that will be ^_^ It should be fun though! :D I am excited!

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