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*SCREAMS* (out of joy)
I found hundred of two towers screenshots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are going on my wall right now..then to bed;-) I am SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!! aww forget about english..blaugh...tonight I dream of the many BEAUTIFUL FRODO's on my wall space!!!! night all!!!

-Megan's away message last night

Guess what else I found last night? The official source of those stills! I am almost swooning of ecstasy! AND! Return of the King Pics!!!! O my word - they are sooo getting printed and added to my wall - say bye bye Sei and Su-chan!! Nothing beats the one picture of Frodo and Sam after Shelob's Lair!!! ^__^ I am so happy.
I couldn't sleep at all the entire night last night. It is this welling and overflowing excitement countered by my deepest fears of going to English..We shall see. I emailed My Frodo-makers (15th Day of Frodo - less than 2 full weeks to go!!) and I hope I hear from them. It seems like I am forgetting a ton of homework cause it isn't getting done..but I don't think I have all that much. Auchk bio this morning. Man, just gimme the Internet and my little antisocial desk and I am such a happy person! You don't understand - this is what I have been searching for ever since, what, the 18th of December last year (2002). Yes!! ^_~ And all thanks to my Rivendell searched for Mom's mural last night ( or so I guessed..I can't honestly rememer exactly what happened, but I was soo giddy and my hand was sweating and almost quaking!) So - Yay! I shall be back to suck in more goodness later :P
Tags: fandom, fear, interests, joy, movies, schoolwork, squish, stuffed animals

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