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More fun at Hirakata!

Today was quite an fun day^^ Marilyn and I did a variety of things...
It started off with a trip to the Kofun tomb-park. It was really pretty and fun to run around the paths, kick up the leaves, and try to read the sign's kanji.
After this we went to Hirakata to the Vivre and picked up some winter goods - you know, scarf, gloves, and a hat!
On the way back to Gotenyama we picked up some movies from Tsutaya!
I was lucky 'cause Marilyn let me ride on her bicycle all over - wooo! It was fun^^
We watched the one Japanese comedy and it was so weird!! I still don't quite get it...let's just say that it involved a bank-robbery attempt where the robbers and victims all pretended to be in an anime and then at the end a teddy bear with a bomb almost exploded and the three nice-robbers all got killed....strange! But amusing! ^_^ At least I thought it was amusing (though a bit long...) The after-movie gyoza was great though^^ (maybe almost burnt but..I tried!^^)

Marilyn let me rent ROTK (yay XD!!) on her card but I hit a problem...
I can't watch it!

The comps here have no DVD software and the TV has no DVD player?! What? I am left hopeless yet again! I am trying to figure something out but hitting all dead ends with it - school is closed..ppl's DVD players on laptops are region-ed...dude...this stinks!

At least tomorrow I get lucky - because of the large cleaning project, okaasan said she'd make us four girls lunch tomorrow! How sweet! I am excited! ^_^

Now I am going to sit here, waste time, and problem solve more ways to find a dvd player within the next week... ~_~ This is so not fair :p So close yet so far (being driven crazy :p)

But yes, it was a good day and I had tons of fun! ^___^

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