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I don't have good software...but..I made a bunch of icons and uploaded some!
It's rather refreshing ^__^
Some are slightly blurred, because they look overly pixilated otherwise (and it's annoying!) I've spent the past 2 hours messing with images on the comp (I know 2 hours have passed 'cause I've gone through this CD twice.."can't see the sun for the daylight...")
When I get paintshop again, no one will be able to pry me from the computer!! The techno mp3's will continue in loops and I will not sleep for days! XD But for now, paint and microsoft photo editor will do. . .as long as I can play with pictures, I am a happy gal!^^

Note: happy even though I can't watch ROTK...that means that I am *really* happy to be making icons... *;_;*

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