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ROTK - the second time

Ahhh I feel so much better now!
I saw Return of the King for the second time in my life today^^ Yay! It was so good *melts* I know I wasn't so thrilled about it the first time around...I was so ticked off for the changes they made to Frodo...but I got over it and ignored those parts this time ^_~ And it was so good!
Let's favorite parts have to be...

-Faramir and his men leaving Minas Tirith and then Pippin's song ("all shall...fade.")
-Arwen's vision of her son - beautiful stuff
-King Theoden rallying his men at Minas Tirith ("death!!") gahahaaa! XD
-Sam talking to Frodo on the way to Mordor about spring in the Shire (I cried)
-Aragorn taking Anduril and later leading his army at the gates of Mordor! (The crownless again is king! And what an awesome king!)
-And everything after that was so good...Frodo meeting all his friends again...the coronation...(A Laita te!)...the return home...the Grey Havens...(I cried more) But it is so good - how can you not cry?!

If I ever had a kid (which I won't :p), I would do what my dad did for me: read to them the entire LOTR trilogy! Aw man, there's nothing like being raised on chicken sandwiches, vit C, and Tolkien! Thank you, dad :)
[Now I just have to re-read the books because I've forgotten everything over the past ten years!!] XD

I am feeling soo happy right now ^_^ *enjoys the happy feeling*

Thank you Marilyn for letting me take over your TV for those past few hours :D You made my day (my month!!) ^___^ Woohoo!

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