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Tribute to the Frodo plushie!

Tribute to the Frodo plushie!

Today marks a year ago that I mailed in my order for the Frodo plushie!
I decided to commemorate this important event with a lj post recounting the days of the making of the Frodo plushie!! So look behind the cut for the story! :)

12/30/02 - "I am anxiously awaiting news on my Frodo plushie order...meanwhile playing the Playstation 2 and X-Box ..."
I can remember sitting in my granparents living room and debating whether or not to buy him - what size and all that...this all originated from me making a comment on how scary a Gollom plushie would be....

1/8/03 - "...I also *reluctantly* sent an email to the Sailor Moon Shoppe about [my plushie order]! (I was worried they would be annoyed with me, but they are so nice!! ^_^) I just heard back!!! ..."Hi Megan san! Thanks so much! We just received your letter yesterday!! We'll start working on him now and we'll be sending him out to you in about a month. Thanks again!! God bless! SEtsunaKou" Yeah!!!! I am so happy!! I saw Frodo and will be getting a little Frodo so soon!! What more could I ask for?!"

Setsukachan: yeah I cant wait!!!! ^^
Dad: patience!!!!!
Setsukachan: :D [look sideways]
Dad: i get to see him first!!!!!!
Setsukachan: >.< ~_~
Dad: ok ok you can keep him
Setsukachan: ^_____^
Setsukachan: :D
Dad: but i still get to see him first!
Setsukachan: :P
Frodo was going to be mailed to my home...then from home my dad would mail him to me at college...oh the pain of patience!

1/19/03 -"Only day 12 of Frodo-making. Not even half-way there. But I did place my order the end of December, almost a month ago (Dec. 30). Oh, and I almost forgot about my birthday.. *shrug* it's another birthday - all I care about is switching classes..then I can have fun and celebrate. At least Frodo will miss out on all this crudiness..Is there anything good about this day? Um, so far, not much. No. Not much of anything, except that I am alive, Frodo is being sewn together and stuffed, I have no English today, I am not in any pain physically at this moment, and other things like that...The S and S Officers should shut off this loud computer I hear..."

1/28/03 - [Elen sila lummenn'omentielvo Fhuroodoo! ^^]
Lady Lazarus III: He is your precious.
Setsukachan: he IS!
"I just found out that I share a birthday with Elijah Wood, who happens to play Frodo!!!! ..meanwhile my ordered plushie ufo is of Frodo and he is my birthday present....I am sota too excited about all of this :P"
Note: Jan. 28 is my/Elijah Wood's birthday

1/30/03 - "I checked the shoppe today, and some new X/1999 plsuhies were up - Frodo must have had good company!! "

2/2/03 - "I just checked and there were updates..but not Frodo-chan! *rips out hair* NO!"

2/09/03 - "Frodo is Finished! Yay! I was taken aback and in shock...I couldnt even look at the webpage...I sat, jaw-hanging, and breathless...*closes eyes and clicks button* i cant kyaaaaaaaa I have been waiting for this for so long *cries for joy*...with cloak n all...awwws...and big blue eyes...and furry feet too..I wanna cry ^_^ I..cant I am in shock"
I have to admit, when I first saw the photo that they put online at the website, I was a bit was just that the photo looked weird and made Frodo somehow...So, though happy, I felt a biting twinge of regret - this was killed when I actually received him and saw just how cool he really was!

2/11/03 - "BTW, where is Frodo-kun?!?!?! Why is far shipping so much faster than West Milton->Gettysburg shipping?!? YARGgggggrrrr. That ticks me off."

2/12/03 - "FRODO-kun says hi! *waves*
Yay! Between work and English Comp. I ran over to the post office to pick up my slightly damaged box. I didn't get back to my room to open it up till closer to four pm. But there he was, all bagged up and beautiful!! Frodo likes so far to sit on my lab and watch me im people. ^_^ He is so sweet: his eyes, feet, and hair are precious (and furry little feet too!!), his cloak is so cool - perfect! - his jacket and vest are right on and he even has pockets in the vest to hold the ring^.^ The brooch is nifty and his pants are so cute too. I love my Frodo plushie. I am enjoying the company and am ever thankful to Haruka Kou and Setsuna Kou! Doomo arigatoo gozaimau! *bows*"

2/13/03 - "Ah - me and Frodo enjoyed watching the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring while everyone else went out and about to socialize and stuff. I want to make more icons but I am not sure what to do.."
And later on...
"And he is all mine!! I want to hug him until he is sqished but I am too paranoid and protective to allow any harm to overcome him!! Aww, the one Custom bought Frodo and he is sitting on some miscellaneous desk in Gettysburg College in a dorm!!! Poor Frodo-sama! I took off his cloak earlier because there is a little tear from the seam which occurred at some unknown time..hmm. That makes me sad, but just looking at him makes me happy ^_^ He is my friend and I don't wanna ever leave his side - yeah, maybe that's sad considering he is an inanimate object, but I mean come on! Like I say - we were meant for each other^^ we share a birthday - or my Frodo's actor - we both have been injured and scarred (physically or mentally) by blades which have DISAPPEARED LITERALLY! and we both are thoughtfully-kind-thinker types!! Frodo is smiling. He is happy even though his back must be hurting from laying on my desk x.x
Yeah somehow Frodo's cloak had torn and I was too worried to hug him for fear of hurting the cloak, or messing up his hair, plus, his stuffings were a bit stiff to keep his form, so I felt like I shouldn't huggle him. I got over that :p
btw-the whole stabbing comment - that refers to when I got my leg cut open by a misplaced razorblade in a department store when I was 8 yrs old - we never found that blade...but I am betting it wasn't a morgul blade^_~

2/28/03 - "Well, maybe it won't be so bad afterall..? Only because Frodo is waiting here for me on my desk - him and his huggable-self^^"
Life is better with plushies!^^ Whether having them sit and guard one's room, huggling them, tossing them up in the air, or resting your head on them while watching movies on your computer at 3 am during college weekends - they are always good! I love mine and miss him!!

And that's the long tale of my Frodo plushie!!
I hope you all enjoyed it^^ It's nothing special, but it is fun to look back and see just how terribly impatient I was ^_^
This post may have been a bad idea, though....makes me want more a sam plushie to be Frodo's companion! nooo - danger danger! ^^ (lol)

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