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Phases. Park.

I know I know - I've been posting way too much recently.
Bear with me for one more!

If anybody ever wondered who I am and who I was, well...
This is a general glimpse of the ideas I have for my "phases" story...

There was a girl. She was in a kofun park - a kofun, an ancient tomb of kings.
The girl was grinning ear to ear and racing about the park, kicking up the fallen yellow-ginko leaves in her wake. Her feet flew over the ancient stones and slid down them on the dry dirt. She landed and slid on the flat, laughing, eyes glistening like pink-crystal feathers. The breeze blew the leaves and torn grasses past her and she held out her hands to feel them sift through.
After the wind died off, she leapt up, and took off down the far side of the mound. Ginko flew.
When the last of the leaves settled back to the ground, the dirt about it started speckling dark with blothes of rain.
Though the pink girl was gone, there was another in the park. She was standing in the rain overlooking the sign at the edge of the tomb - stationary, deep in melencholy thoughts. Her cloak was amethyst and it covered her and hide her - but not from the cold autumn rain that soaked in to the soul. She ignored all about her but the words, and she seemed to merge with them. There was what appeared as a double-vision in the rain. But it was not so.
It was a shadowy figure standing together with the amethyst one. A mirror, a dream, a vision on the waking mind. Black and robed as the other was, yet only existing in suffering. For the amethyst one lived in hate with the cruel world, with the ignorant and the evil, and the failures of the self. Her pain filled her shadow and writhed within it.
The rain seemed to wear them both away until all that was left was a weird cloudy mist.
From that mist, more strange figures took form. Three more. The first of these, the central of the trinity was a young lady in simple cream and brown of rough textured fabric. Her only adornment was a string necklace of 7 beads, 3 copper, 1 red, 1 green, 2 crystal. She stood still, an expression of simplicity, humility, and yet glory. Her eyes scanned the park, the kofun, searching, wishing to understand, mourning for things not known.
On the one side of her was a tall figure of garnet, rising in honor and in defense of the central. Her righteouness was sharp as a longsword, delicate, and yet strong.
On the other side was a shorter lady in a yellow-hooded jacket and dress. She waited, only waiting; waiting to proove some faith, some dedication, some selflessness. Wishing to join the martyred ones.
A crack of thunder struck the ground.
The central woman disappeared, the yellow lingered for a bit before fading, and the garnet held true. True until the storm let loose. After a time, she was lost, too.
In the silence, depression and anger filled the place. There was confusion, and a struggle amidst the storm. A struggle of spirits and of ghosts and of wills.
As the crashing receeded and the rain lightened, a final figure emerged in the distance of the mound. She seemed to smile, and her garb appeared speckled green, gold, white, and black under the trees. She watched the rain trail away, felt the wind upon her face, and from her spirit poured appreciation for the beauty. Her joy was strong and could not be overtaken by any enemies that once haunted her.
The figure in green approached the watcher in grey. The one who'd witnessed all of this, and spoke.

...remember the past in order to plan the future, and forget the past in order to live the future. It is yet another beginning, another change, another phase in this endless cycle of cycles. Sacrifice all the pain and pour overflowing with all the joy. And so, shedding the lifeless cores of dead phases, became a pure vessle for light itself to fill - the light of all colors set within existance and only to be perfected when all chaos is set to order.
No phases of men could compare. All fall short. How can the creation create?

thoughts, comments, questions?

This is nothing final, no story I'll publish - just a typying up of ideas I shape in my head...Just something to keep me from being bored! ^_^

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