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Last Day of 2004: a day online

It is a momentous occassion: the last day of 2004!

And how am I spending this day of days?
...I spent the whole day looking up the latest scans/translations/summaries from D N Angel...wooo! The Hiwatari obsession is back in motion again! Ok, one day I promise that I will do that Krad cosplay ^_~ heehe. The manga lately has been looking awesome, btw. I am very anxious and curious to see what will happen! Wonder if the end of the manga will be like the anime? Saa...Poor Hiwatari! I need more scenes with him...

Anyway, enough of the fangirliness!

Onto bigger and better things!
What else of this last day of 2004?

- -Well, for starters, it snowed! When I got out of bed at 11 am, there were really big snowflakes falling outside. The roofs and trees had a good layer of snoww covering them. But - as is usually the case when you start to see really ginourmous snowflakes - it soon stopped snowing. And the day melted what had fallen pretty quickly. It was pretty while it lasted though.
- -Everyone else I know had plans out today, so I was going to make the most of it and either go to Book Off or Kyoto...but I ended up being a lazy punk and playing online all day!! ^_^But it was so good!! Just the the old days!! Reading manga scans..learning really *random* kanji..filling up my computer space with images..and best of all: listening to techno the whole time! Oh it was great! This is how I classify a nearly perfect day! Well, but the day in Hagi was also almost were Tea Ceremony days...too many good days!!
- -The only other thing left to say is...well...Happy New Year everybody!! Have a good one ^_~

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