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Japanese New Year Celebrations

Japanese New Year Celebrations

[putting it behind the cut 'cause it's a bit long and I don't wanna spam up those friends pages ^_~]

The Japanese celebrate the first day of New Year by visiting a shrine! So that's just what I did!
It was fun, but so crowded! Marilyn and I went up to northwest Kyoto via bus. The bus wasn't too crowded at first...but it filled up and we got squished like sardines! It was almost amusing :p We slowly worked our way up to the shrine...threw in our money (thanks Marilyn - otherwise the shrine would have gotten some US pennies and dimes ^_~ lol!)...said our our fortunes...tied them to the rope lines! Woo! It was neat! I've been to shrines before, but this was really interesting!! Oh and I also got blessed with holy water :p (The snow that fell yesterday was melting off the thatch roof of the shrine and it dripped on me!!)

After the shrine (a place of celebration and happy events) we went to a temple (a place for meditation and more depressing stuff :p). But it was Ryoanji!! The famous rock garden!! and it reall was so wonderfully peaceful and beautiful!! I feel bad that I broke the atmosphere with my noisy camera >_<;; Ah well! The garden was smaller than I expected, but so *neat!* There was some snow still lingering on the rocks and pebbles and the dripping water sounded so nice... ...speaking of snow...

It snowed today ^_^ It started on the bus ride from Ryoanji and didn't last long but it was pretty and fun! I like snow :) wheeee!

We also stopped by the Toji flea market...but the kimono obi there looked worn and I didn't feel like paying $20 for a juban (kimono undergarment) when I can buy one one ebay after I make more money working this upcoming summer... The purple haori kimono-jacket really caught my fancy though...I am slightly regreting not buying it... Ah well.

After all this I got myself a "delicious sandwich," aloe yogurt (yum!), and a stick of bread with cream inside for dinner! Yummies!! Delicious! I was satisfied ^___^

And now I plan to spend the rest of my first day of 2005 online...though I should reflect a bit and think about resolutions, serious stuff, etcetc....but...nah! ^_^


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