Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

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a short day

Today was a short little day...I was still feeling worn down when I woke up this afternoon, so I decided to stay at the dorms today and take it easy. I had to do wash, organize my snacks, and then I just spent the rest of the afternoon working on my tea ceremony story. I finally have a skeleton-version of the story after oh only a couple years of having the ideas in my head! Since there's nothing really to do online, I figure I'll go back and work on it more.

Just have to add - after reading a short thing about Shintoim on Marilyn's lj I am feeling a bit guilty for peeking inside some of my omamori ;_; Not that I believe in them...and I did put them back as they were, but, still... *cries* I am sorry, Shoin-sensei that I didn't do the right bows at your shrine *cries more*

I'm such a strange person! ^^
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