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On New Year's I got a fortune at 北野天満宮(Kitano Tenmangu Shrine) in Kyoto and here are some parts of it with very rough translations by me thanks to Jim Breen's Dictionary!!

"This verse chants of midwinter snows, fearlessly early-blooming plums, as well as flowers that endure amidst the intense cold’s winds and snows. No matter what comes, don’t loose [hope?] and patiently wait until spring."

恋愛 (love relationship) 邪心を去り迷ず誠意をもてば成就します
"Leaving behind a wicked heart and doubt, in good faith you’ll come to a realization"

学問 (scholarship) 焦らず心平かに不断の努力をすれば達成する
"Don’t be in a hurry, but constantly work hard, even-tempered, and you will achieve/succeed"

金運 (wealth) 慎重にすべし
"Use discretion/prudence"

I like the opening verse! It's very pretty and I took it to heart! ^_^
As far as the section on love...what wicked thoughts?! O_o Me wicked? *insert angelic halo face* (lol)
The school thing was all right...I'll try but when I get nervous, I rush...
And with money - prudence? Does that mean that I can't go spend all the money in my bank account in Dendentown?? ;_; (lol) Silly fortune :p

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