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Average life

"You don't have to fight or make yourself belong to be a revolution...
We've got to begin with who we know we are..."

I love music!
Anyway, about today-
I had fun^^ Slept in, then later on went over to Marilyn's to watch Master and Commander! That's one good film ^_^ good characters, fun ending, good story. Yep, I like it. I am still thrilled over getting a signed photo from Mr. Ingleby ^___^ So nice of him ^___^ *does a dance*
I got a lot of mail today, too. It's the first time I've been able to check my mail since before Christmas break, so there were a lot of Christmas cards waiting for me! The people at my church are so cool! :D Also, I got a small package from gram and pap - it had a stuffed mouse inside! This is more significant when you know the story of my Christmas Mouse...
---昔々、(long ago..) I used to have Christmas Mouse that was stuffed but meant more for decoration than hugs. I love the thing, anyway (in those years when I was really into Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh) and every holiday season I would huggle the mouse to death. year it was gone!! We never found it again. My grandmother thinks she may have accidentally thrown the Chrustmas Mouse away! I was very sad and always missed her...
So this mouse is a sort of replacement and it is so cute!! It's cuter and softer than the original, so I love it ^.^

And now I am at my usual post - in front of a computer screen waiting for...well, just waiting around!! ^___^

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