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Geek ^_^

According to this test...
I am nerdier than 42% of all people! Woo!

I then continued by taking the chem quiz...I got 17/26, which seemed about average for people of my level of chem studies^^ My score was somwehere in between the people who had high school chem and those who took some college chem (I had only one chemistry course in college, chem 103). But I am happy that I remembered some things! ^__^

Ah chem is kind of fun; too bad I am scared to death of labs...then again, if I were still a bio major, I'd be headed down the road of hematology and not in Japan right now... O_o;

I mean I love hematology, but...
...culture, history, and art! Art is the best!

I must find a job which involves organizing information of all sorts! I seem to have some promise in that area. Library perhaps..? Research? Hmmahh. Suggestions? :p

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