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Reflecting on 2004 entries

I am following the trend-
The first line of each entry (or, for mine, I just used the titles) for each month of 2004, going backwards from Jan.2005:

December. Hagi Photo Time!
November. There is never a break - Gambarimasu
October. Research and avoiding research; Friday afternoon
September. Japanese Weekend Number 2 Comes
August. Otakon 2004
July. Art
June. Odd but normal
May. May 1st?!
April. I am really going to Japan...O.o
March. Hmmahh renovations on Ceile again?
Feb. Rock Cosplay Done!
Jan. Happy New Year Sretna Nova Godina! (I think)

In other words, a lot about Japan and cosplay and random artistic-y stuff! ^_^

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