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Nara and spending monies!

Yesterday I got to go to Nara!! Marilyn showed me around and it was really fun, in spite of the rain! ^_^
The temples were neat - we saw a couple, the most impressive of which was Todaiji - the Temple where the Daibutsu, or Great Buddha, is held! Wow it was big! We also saw a couple shrines - the stone lanterns lining the pathways were really pretty, moss layering the tops. ^_^
Also, the city is known for the deer which roam freely! You can feed them "deer-crackers" but we didn't because the deer seemed to start nipping people with food ^.^ They were so cute though!! Especially the little deer - and the deer that bobbed his head when we walked by. He seemed to be saying: Irrasha'i! Welcome! ^.^
We even got to practice our Japanese! I collect omamori from different temples, and when we went to the one temple stand, the two fellows inside started making conversation! It was neat! The one guy was really nice and we could understand nearly everything he said! yokatta! It was cool!
Besides the omamori, Marilyn and I both got little Hell-Kitty danglies with Hello Kitty dressed in a deer costume ^.^
The rest of the evening was fun too! We watched the sequal to a funny police movie we saw a few days ago - it was cute^^ I am glad that everyone was happy at the end - even the stern guy smiled XD
And being at the video store reminded me that I must by the two Onmyoji movies someday. I saw part of the first one and all of the second one and they were pretty entertaining! Plus the costumes are amazing ^____^
Before leaving last night Marilyn and I watched an episode of DNAngel. I think it was 14...but wow Poor Daisuke! Not only did Hio-chan join the class and bug him but he almost drowned in the swimming pool and Hiwatari...^^ Wow Hiwatari-kun had a strange smile after that! (lol) It was hilarious^^

Today I am doing my wash and keeping an eye online. I am not sure what I will do for dinner but I am really hungry ^_^

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