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Yikes! O.o ....and Nemo-kun!

I was having this dream...I was visiting a shrine and all of my 3 friends drank the shrine stuff that made them sleep. I refused to till the shrine guy closed the gates on me and refused to let me leave. Luckily, the drink didn't seem to have any negative effects. Actually the shrine guy was kinda neat - I miss him! I hope he returns!

[Insert - last night I dreampt I quit school because they made Christianity illegal in school...Before I did that though I was either acting something or having a creepy vicarious experience. Hmm. Wonder what happened to the teacher who was there?]

So with that I woke up to the sound of worker men in the halls. I figured they were changing the futons to prepare for the new students moving in. And since it was 11 am, I thought that I should get out of bed.

A couple of minutes after I sat up, guys came in our room and then shrank away since my roomie was still sleeping. They seemed annoyed by that. I was still in my pajamas. We managaed to get the new futon and I worked to stack more of my stuff together for more efficient packing-time next week.

The Cute Part!!

I was just about done, when a guy popped in the room and threw the pillows on top our futon piles. I had set my huge Nemo plushie on top mine to mark it. He was about the throw the pillow but saw Nemo and said: "Daijobu?" Is it ok? I took off Nemo and took the pillow. He laughed and said: "Ahh. Nemo-kun."

Awwwww! It was so cute - nemo-kun! ^.^ *huggles Nemo-kun to death*

Now I must be off to eat all the food I have in the kitchen because after today I won't be allowed to use the kitchen...I am annoyed. I think I have 3 mikan/oranges, some bread and cheese and also a yogurt left. So I will have a weird lunch. O.o Then I am off to the bookstore!

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