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where is time?

I haven't gotten anything productive done today and I feel a bit stressed about the chaos that is unfolding in the form of orientation week here.

I still need to study - a lot - for kanji. Also I have to pack and survive orientation week! It doesn't help that I woke up today with a swollen throat. At least I woke up before noon today! :p
I think the throat ailment explains why I've been so tired and washed out - there's a war going on inside me between white-blood-cells and germs!! Die germs, die! Wish I had more energy - then I could get myself some bikkuri ramen! :p yumm karaage! It is very tempting.
I don't think the dorms help me either. My room is 55 degrees and this room has to be near 80 degrees. The crazy temperature difference is confusing O.o

Maybe I should forget about studying and just sleep^^ But I am afraid of my cold room!!
And is my birthday really in less than a week? It doesn't feel like it! It feels very unfestive actually O.o

I will stop randomly complaining now ^_^ Sorry :p

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