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Fun night...Moving....

Well my throat feels a little better, and I had a heated room last night so I think that was good ^_^ I had lots of fun last night! I had meat for dinner - yay! McDonald's is yummy once every 3 months!! Then, I got to share all my cosplay photos and manga (Subaru x Seishirou) stories with Elizabeth! It was so much fun! I will soon have her addicted to CLAMP :p Finally, after I returned from the shower I saw my roomate and her friend happens to be a girl who was in my art and architecture classes both!! Wow! We had tons of fun and read a silly Russian magazine and explored our horoscopes for fun! Woo it was good times!

But if you are wondering why I moved into a different room...I still don't know why but they told me to so I had to. Anyway, look at this!

Okay...Since I have been in Japan I've been moved from my room a total of 8 times! Woah.
read the details in the cut!

1.from seminar house 3 ->host family in Neyagawa
(I did homestay!)
2.from third floor in that house ->tatami room on the first floor
(after Demetra left I got the tatmi room)
3.from tatmi room ->next door room
(because of renovations)
4.from that room -> back to the tatmi room
(guests were coming and taking the room I was in)
5.from host family -> seminar house 3
(host mom was in Hokkaido for the weekend and 'kicked me out')
6.from sem. house 3 ->back to host family
7.from host family ->seminar house 1
(winter break)
8.from room 215 ->room 216
(because ...? I don't know but at least now I have a cool roomate and a heater that works!!)

This coming Saturday/Sunday I will have to move yet again (making it 9 times) as I move into my new host family. All this moving around is starting to feel like second nature!

So it was a crazy day. Kanji did not get studied. But I did dream a short line in Japanese!! That's probably the first I have ever dreampt in a foreign language!! It was a dumb segment of my dream but - I was caught for having this 'dangerous' looking scissors. The authority asked me: Why do you need sharp and dangerous weapons like these?! I said...'蛇がいったら。。。' ~ 'If there is a snake...' Eh? Strange, I know!

Today's plan is to maybe study kanji eventually and, well, I feel creative so maybe I will do something like writing/drawing. As for now, I am going to enjoy the internet! ^_^

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