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Annoyed >.

Yarg. Yes, I need to disappear and keep my stinkin' mouth shut. I am just trying to be Everything I do backfires on me. That's why I don't associate with people. I am extra-catious and always end up in more crud than before. I misewell just go off and disappear, like Ceile. If they keep bugging me. Yeah, so they care. *sigh* They don't have to. But it is what I am looking for. Ah well. What should I do? I am at a crossroads again. Do I sink into where it is safe and nice and beautiful..or do I join the world and be what they want? Yarg. I don't even care anymore. This talk is just a pain, a bother. What do they want from me anyway? Yarg. I guess hiding and being quiet doesn't work. Neither does obsessing. Neither does constantly working. I've gotta know. Now. be back later to comment on how it goes. >.
Tags: anger, fear, interests, social, solitude

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