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Wow, I am still laughing at my last entry - I am glad it is amusing everyone else, too!

It is time. Soon I will go to bed and when I wake it will be time for the kanji exam! *dramatic music plays* I think I know all 300+ of the kanji from levels 1-3. I think. This is coming from the girl who forgot the kanji for 'enter' on the review test last semester (that kanji only has two strokes! 入). I wasn't sure whether to be completely insulted by my lack of memory or highly amused by it!! But this time I think I have it...

I've been lucky lately that I've been able to talk to my boyfriend (Robert) a lot online lately! Especially now that the lab is always full with students. It's been fun and I am really happy ^_^

Tomorrow, other than the test, I have some good things to look forward to! After the test I get to go out to lunch with Marilyn, who I haven't seen in a while! I am looking forward to it! Then, I get to meet Laura and Reeves once they get in closer to 6! Yay! I will be busy!

Only three more days till my birthday! ^_^ Well, from tomorrow! Just as of now I think I want to celebrate my birthday by going a temple/shrine and getting 'blessed'^^ I don't think I will have time though with orientation, and host family packing/moving etcetc. Hmm. Maybe a belated birthday trip someday in February. That works I suppose! As for my actual birthday day, it's just gonna be a packing day. *blah* I am not really very excited about it. The whole host family deal really is not too thrilling anymore. It's just a bother. Unless I get a family who likes Shoin-sensei :3

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