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Night 25 January

The day did get better as it went along, even though it started off badly^^ teehee I've learned that no matter how good the gyouza look, I should stick to just rice! I've also learned not to trust Abo-sensei - but I should have learned that a long time ago^^

I met Laura and Reeves once they got to seminar house and we found their rooms - it stinks that they are not all in the same building here (and I feel bad for running them about the seminar house like some crazy tour guide! O.o), but I promise that I will make up for it tomorrow!! ^_^ It is really, really good to see them ^__^ I am so glad they made it here ok and caught their flight ^^

I can't seem to get sleepy again tonight even though it's late. I do enjoy staying up and listening to Jars of Clay, though! I love Jars of Clay - they are amazing^^ You must all go listen to them :D teehee

Whew this computer room is hot. I thought computers liked the cold! Anyway, guess I will head to bed! 'night all!

"...blessings of laughter..."

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