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Review of Yesterday, Preview of Tomorrow

--Review of Yesterday

This is the week of Orientation! I registered for classes, got info on my host faimly, and the results of my jump test for kanji (I passed! And so did Marilyn! Yay!)
My classes will be: JPN Spoken 4, Writing 4, Zen, Asian Psychologies, and a History class! They will be uber-good I think!!
My host family consists of a husband and wife who have a dog and live in Kuzuha. The husband works but the wife is a homemaker and while he is Buddhist, she is Protestant. I am excited! I meet them Sunday at 3.

--Review of Today

Well, what else can I say!
It's my birthday!!
*sings song and pretends to blow out candles*
My birthday started off well - got to chat with mom, Robert, and also 梨ーちゃん for a bit! Yay!
Then, my roomate gave me a birthday gift! A super-cute manga! It was so sweet of her^^! I only met her a few days ago :) And just about my roomies - they are awesome ^.^ I only see them once in a while but we always smile and wave at each other ^_^ I am sad to leave the Seminar House now! And apprently Svetlana thinks that my Japanese "uwaaa" is cute and got me to say it and I was quite embarassed :p These silly gals!^^

--Preview for Tomorrow/Today

I am going to go to Osaka! Dendentown once again! I am gonna buy a stack of doujinshi...LOTR doujinshi...I can almost taste it now! ^^ I might pick up some figurine stuff too :3 I am a sucker for 'Frog Style' and Gundam Seed figurines...

So that's a ton of big news! Life is busy and interesting here, for sure!

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