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Birthday celebrations!

I celebrated my birthday by...going to Dendentown!
I felt bad cause I got confused about stations in Yodoyabashi and looked like a bad tour guide ^.^ But I haven't been to Dendentown since the fall... Once I figured out that we could walk through Namba and I saw the whale statues I knew where we were! We went to the Mandarake, Animate, Gundam Store, and a big Electronics Store!

In the Mandarake I found "Watashi no Suki na Hito" (a manga by CLAMP) and guys will never guess...the Tokyo Babylon Postcard book!! I never thought I'd see one with my own eyes!! I was ecstatic! After that I picked up 3 LOTR doujinshi that looked safe - they seem to be decently amusing and kawaii! teehee! yay!

In the Animate I got a pretty clear file. I saw the CLAMP Tsubasa calendar and drooled over it but left it there^^

The only other things I bought were a 'delicious sandwhich' and bread with corn and uh something to the effect of mayo/butter. Those were yumm yummy! I ate them and hung out with Reeves and Laura - peeking at Reeves' KOF Artbook and PSP. :3

It wasn't long before my roomate came down to get me^^ She took me upstairs - her and Svetlana from art class had given me a cute card and a mug-thingy for "January" with a cheesecake picture on it ^_^ So cute and so nice of them! Then they sang happy birthday in Russian XD It was awesome^^ Those two are a riot! I wish I could stay in seminar house and be their roomate! ;_;

And I got a really neat cup from Laura - it has a Japanese lady on it who is writing something - maybe poetry or a story! The picture is really pretty and it is just so nice! ^_^ Thank you so much!! ^-^

So even though this week has been crazy and I kept forgetting the day - I had an enjoyable birthday! :D
Thanks to everyone who thought of me!! You all rock! ^_^
I am quite happy! In fact, I am bubbling full of happy! XD

"...just a bubbly girl..."
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