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Host family!

This is the message I emailed home - since I don't have time (and since it explains the latest news) I figured that I'd post it here for everyone else to see!

I went to meet my new host family yesterday -
Koji and Kumiko. They are mom and dad's age and they are really nice!
I try to speak some words in Japanese but can't remember anything/or
form sentences right but they listen intently until they figure out
what I am trying to say. Sometimes I just use English and they
understand me easier. When they talk in Japanese they say things very
slowly for me ^_^ It's so nice of them! I already feel like I am
getting more comfortable speaking Japanese! :) Their dog is a puppy
- but a golden retriever puppy - so he's lanky and long and he likes
to lick my clothes and face XD ewww! He is cute though and he tends to
sleep a lot (when he isn't chewing on newspapers!). For dinner last
night we had a pan over a small heater into which we put all kinds of
stuff - meat, onions, lettuce, mushrooms, carrots, taters - then we
took what we wanted and put it into our own bowl. They both took a
raw egg and put it in their bowls and then put all the cooked foods in
with the egg. I tried it too and it was really tasty! Since they saw
that my birthday was this week, they got out a bottle of Spanish wine
and also ran accross the street and bought me a little birthday cake!!
^.^ It was sugoku kawaii! Very cute! We talked about where I've been
in Japan, classes, cooking, and Japanese culture^^ My room is
upstairs where the dog doesn't go - I have tatami and my own
table-blanket with a heater! My futon is really cozy. The best part
about their house is that they use the ofuro - the bathrub. They fill
it with hot water, which is heated to stay warm, and after each person
showers, they get in and sit there for as long as they want - oh man
it's soooo nice! ^_^ They also get a lot of TV channels - last night
I watched a Heian drama show and the costumes were so awesome :3 I
hope to see more shows like that with samurai and stuff! My commute
seems decent - I can take the bus for 7 mins or walk 20 to the
station, then a short trip to Gotenyama and then up the big hill to
school! I plan to walk the parts I can, but Kumiko was smart by
adding that if it's cold or rainy or dark, I can always catch the
bus^^ My train pass for this term was $30 less than last semester -
yay! So instead of hearing:
I'll have: Kuzuha-Makino-Gotenyama. But my pass is actually valid
from Kuzuha to Hirakatashi - meaning I can go to Hirakatashi for
shopping, the bank, whatever whenever I want for free with the pass XD
Everything is looking up at the moment! I am so relieved! I might
actually have a "good" homestay experience for once - finally!! yay!
^_^ We'll see :3 As for now I must run off and go to class :D

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