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Shaku and Onmyoji!

Yesterday was special and awesome beyond comprehension XD

-I got my Alien Reg fixed.
-Made it to and from school without getting lost!
-Read half a book about Tea
-Talked with my host mom about Tea, Tea related kanji, and specifically 'shaku.' Those are the wooden sticks that Japanese administrators/leaders (like Shotoku Taishi) carried as a symbol of office for ceremonies!! In tea ceremony, the tea scoop is called 'cha-shaku' or 'tea-shaku!' Yay!
-The best part....

I was sitting and eating dinner while watching the end of Sleepless in Seattle when a new movie started. And it was a Heian movie! Yatta! Then, I saw a familiar face...As it turns out it was ONMYOJI! Oh my! *huge fangirl cheer* I have my heart set on owning this movie and I can't wait now XD It is awesome!! ^_____^ The cotumes and the actors - they are so wonderfully...Heian :p Abe no Semei is the main character, an onmyoji like Subaru who uses yin and yang magic for good things. The actor is actually a famous Kyogen actor (I think) Kyogen is a very very old style of theatre art in Japan!! His friend, Hiromasa-sama, is a court nobel and he is far too cute when he's dressed up ready for battle with his bow^^ I will stop my rant, but I was so happy watching the movie - it was the best thing ever ^_____^*** And that wasn't because of the sake I tried ^.~

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