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long time no see!

Hisashiburi ne!

I am sorry I haven't been around. I've been insanely busy!

This weekend I spent in Awaji Island editing and handing out pamphlets concerning the election for mayor which my "host-uncle" is running for. Working on the pamphlets was ok, but then we had to hand them out and bow to strangers saying "Konnichiwa - Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu!" It was fun at the fish market though - we saw flounders and flowers^^
While in Awaji Island I saw a memorial museum to the Kobe Earthquake (the Kanto-Awaji Daijishin). We saw the ground which had be rifted and raised up a couple feet, a house which is permanently tilted, photos, movie clips, and a simulation of the earthquake! It was interesting, though sad that there was so much destruction!
Afterwards my host mom and I got biwa-flavored ice cream :p

This week I have full classes, homework, tests, the works. Then I have to go back to Awaji this coming weekend to do more work... ;_;

Until next time *Megan signing off*
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