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Iron Chef!

I saw Iron Chef here in Japan last night!! Yay!!
It was Michiba-san against a Chinese guy!
Wow I had so much fun actually being able to hear everyone's "real" and non-dubbed voice^^ They all sounded a bit higher pitched than the American dubs...^^ Especially Fukui and the board^^
The one weird thing about it was while I was watching I thought, man, it seems so quiet and almost bored-in flavor for some reason? Then I figured out why. With the American version the Japanese voices are left dulled in the bakcground with the dub overtop -- in the original the background is just quiet and so it seemed kind of empty O_o But it was still so much fun :3 Gheehee!
I love Iron Chef^^
I love Spring of Trivia too! "へえへえ!"

Bad news seems that I won't get my Heian-Pd movie picture book for a while. ;_; But it's ok, I think...I will manage^^

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