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Seimei Shrine and school

Hello everyone!
Today is Saturday - it's starting off well :) I woke up at 8:30 and just lay wide awake in my cozy soft futon for a whole hour. Ahhhh it was nice. I like sleeping in! ^_^
Yesterday was quite a fun day^^ I went to language classes, and got my language lab listening done with, after which I wandered waiting for Ashley and her host mom to eat lunch. While meandering I noticed a post on the buillitan board declaring that my history class was cancelled. Cancelled? That never happened to me before here. o_O But, yay! I was happy! More library time for me! So after lunch I went to the library...but it was Closed?! Closed?! It's always closed at the worst times!
Well, what should I do, I thiught. I'll go to Kyoto! ^_^
So I did.
I caught the Ltd Express to the end of the line to Demachiyanagi and then the 201 bus. I think the bus driver almost hit a woman but I wasn't looking when it happened... Anyway, while in the bus I saw an add with a big red star symbol on it and then realized from the kanji that it was an advertisement for the Abe no Seimei Shrine! When I got off the bus I found a sign guiding me toward it. Wow, they really are famous, I guess!
The Shrine was really neat. Quaint, tucked in the middle of the street, very clean, very pretty. I cleansed my hands at the basin, did my clapping/bowing and then made my way to the charm desk. I got two: a regular one in white for protection, and a pendant. ^_^ I was very happy^^ The weather was drizzly and damp, but cool and nice.

Today I have to do my library research now, so I'll catch you all up later! Byebye for now!

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