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Midterms Week

It is Tuesday afternoon on the week of midterms!
I just finished replying to all my email and trying to log into e-reg to see the class schedule, but to no avail. I had the first of a string of midterms today in Asian Psychologies, and it was, well, an interesting challenge. The first question was hard and the rest were so vast and general that it was hard to form concrete answers (even though they were directly from the review sheet I'd studied from...).
I'm not looking forward to upcoming midterms.

Today is the wonderful day: Onmyouji II movie night! Yay! Victory! I've been waiting all month for it! I am quite a weird fangirl, wouldn't you say? ^.^ *Claps when Hiromasa shows up in the movie*^^

Other joyous news of the week - I got cookies from my church in PA^^ Yay cookies! They are delicious and I am trying to share them with everyone - though I did keep some for myself^^ My internet ordering is about finished with I think^^ I am feeling guilty for getting stuff - but I limited my shopping to a Shoin-manga, Heian music, and two art books^^

About books - I've been reading some of the Onmyouji novel and I am surprised that I can understand quite a bit of it ^___^ Yatta! It makes me happy - though I am still lacking a considerable amount of kanji-knowledge^^ But it does mean that there is hope!

Well, I've been online for a whole hour and I really should be headed home. Take care everyone!

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