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Spring Break Week

I did a lot this week! It was tons fo fun!!
Saturday- Awaji. Shoukai shita.
Sunday- Awaji. Danjiri Matsuri!
Monday- Semimaru Shrine, Daitokuji, Tofukuji, Fushimi Inari Shrine
Tuesday- Came to KG, homework.
Wednesday- Ise! Shrine, museum, and Ise sushi!
Thursday- Uji! Byodo-in, Genji Museum, Ishiyama-dera!
Friday- KitanoTenmangu Shrine and market, Ryoanji, Nanzenji whereLaura and I had maccha there by the waterfall!
Saturday- Crashed and homework.
Sunday- Easter Service in Takarazuka, napped, homework.

Ise and Uji were so great! Too bad it rained both days! And it's raining again today! At least it warmed up. The Ise Shrine was really something and I loved the museum - the Gagaku display was wonderful!! It was also neat to see all of the different food offerings they give to Amaterasu. The Byodo-in was beautiful and their museum was the best!! More Gagaku stuff to interest me and the art/architecture was just so great. *love* And the Genji museum was fun and the movie there made me more curious into Genji the story! Kyoto is always wonderful! I had fun getting lost way out in Otani at the desolate Semimaru Shrine (teehee) and Fushimi Inari was neat! Of course Nanzenji was tons of fun - the large gate overlook and the random aqueduct?! Tenmangu was too crowded with people - just like New Year's!! But I got a juban kimono underrobe so now I can finally wear the iromuji I bought last spring! Yay!

I survived language class today but holy my book isn't in yet and accroding to the mail people it arrived here a week and a half ago..? Anyway, back to the normal life, as you can see! I am fighting everso with eReg and cNav and trying to figure out my class schedule for Gettysburg. I really need to start working on my papers, but I don't know how they will get finished!

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