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Time I don't have...

I am taking time I don't have to write this!!
It is Thursday and I feel pretty exhausted at the moment. Hopefully I will improve soon because I have work to do.
This morning I had a sakubun-in-class to write. We got to chose our topic from either school rules or loan-words. >_< Boring. I chose loan words. My main point was: English katakana words are too easy and have put me in a mood where I don't want to learn the real Japanese words :p Sad but true!
I somehow survived Miyauchi-sensei's class, too.
Only one to go - Asian Psychologies. Wonder if we will keep talking about the Tao?

The weird discolorings on my index fingers haven't gone away and I really am wondering why. Hmm. I tried looking online but had no luck.

Oh - gotta run and make plans!
Hope the weekend is fun for everyone!

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