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Lonely Samurai

Eigamura! Samurai Village!
It was just like an Old Edo village - complete with bridge and shops. I got a keychain with the characters from the samurai tv drama I watch and saw two short shows. The first was a group of Shinsengumi vs a samurai with dark clothing and a dark expression :3 The second was a Shinsengumi and a ninja! yay! I took a couple photos of the buildings and did get my picture taken with Samurai-sama.
The first time I saw samurai-sama, I was looking about and suddenly turned and nearly ran into him! Embarassing! Then I kept seeing him as I wandered the Edo streets for an hour alone. I was embarrassed. One time I came up from behind him; one time I saw him doing a photo shoot with some kids; then he slipped into a dark building to cool off from the sun; then I walked in front of him again as I circled. Finally I saw him standing in the shade again and walked stright up to him and:
then a nice guy came and took a photo of us for me. Both I and Samurai-sama said thank you many times. I am embarassed just remembering it. I scampered off and it wasn't long after that I went home.

Also fun this weekend was Mibu Kyogen!
It actually looked more like Noh - gaudy costumes, scary masks, and awesome stories! Yatta!! The first play was about Emma-o the King of Hell and his judgement of a dead guy. The dead one was poked at, then boiled and tossed in a pot, and finally eaten by the two demons. But at the end, Jizo Bosatsu came and saved the guy and helped him off. Yay! It was fun! The post-boiled guy was actually a rag doll - and I don't quite understand how the ragdoll/eaten guy got brought back to life and then exited offstage - but I enjoyed the Jizo very much. Emma-o was pretty good too. The second play was about a battle between samurai and a spider demon!! the spider demon first came at night and slowly crept accross the stage in jerky jumps, hiding his scary mask and body with a draping kimono. Finally he attacked and threw strands of paper web all over the place!! It was a mess and so much fun! The crowd gasped! I really liked that one! So exciting!

So yeah it was a really good weekend! And the spots of my fingers are finally gone, so I guess it means that I am healed of whatever illness I had. Though my embarassment is still quite bad^^

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