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Ah Paintshop...hisashiburi

Well, it is nice to be able to use my computer again late at night when others are already sleeping^^ My parents even bought me Paintshop 9. I thought they were being unusually nice until I learned that it was compensation for major damages caused to my computer.
When they sent my computer in to be refreshed, cleaned, and windows re-installed, the computer workers "accidentally" deleted ALL of my files!? Gahk. Thanks to Robert's help, a lot of my files were restored, but many are simply gone for good. No wonder they kept that a secret until yesterday - I'd've freaked out if they'd told me earlier.

So, I am starting from scratch now that the majority of the scramble and junk got deleted from my poor abused hardrive. I scanned a ton of Onmyoji manga pictures today and that was fun. I made some livejournal backgrounds but can't decide which to use.
Any suggestions?

Ok I changed the current one back to the movie background because it is the prettiest. Still, the crazy lute (biwa) named Genjou is very cute and amusing -
Also, there is one with other pictures of Hiromasa from the manga-

Hiromasa is my favorite character, even if he is silly :p

Other than that, not much else to talk of. I am behind in my emails and other work. People keep harassing me about stuff I have to do this summer and it's annoying. Church was nice today, though I ate too much at the picnic with my granparents. And my lack of sleep is catching up with me O_o

I think I will finish up for today and hope that tomorrow is a productive day. Bleh. ^_^

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