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Follow up on my Onmyoji-purchase

I have the feeling that I will be watching those Onmoyji movies many many more times!^^ They are just so good^^ I am actually a bit surprised by how much I can understand. unfortunately, there is also *a lot* that I can't catch because my vocabulary is still so limited.

In other matters, though, I feel "weighed down."
Work starts before I know it. It looks like I won't be making Otakon this summer. I have so many things from Japan sitting around my room and I am overwhelmed by it all! I guess swimming in Onmyoji, Mitokomon, and Genji merchandise is a good thing, but drowning in it is a bit different!! ^_^

Also, I should know better than to watch "the making of" shows for my favorite movies, as it somehow steals from the experience ;_; But even after doing so, the end of the Onmyoji sequel still has me grinning - ahh, man. It took me some time to catch that last reference - I am slow sometimes^^ All I can say is: yokatta^^ And I will be listening to a lot of biwa/flute music in the upcoming weeks (which is *not* a bad thing at all).

Random thing here that I suddenly remembered-a photo from the Hina Matsuri that Laura took has a weird orb off to the side...I know it wasn't a raindrop (we were indoors) and I don't think it is a light effect... I am spending way too much time poking around the supernatural! Anyway, I kind of want to mention it to my boss, and yet I really don't want to get started on *that* again! But I still think it is strange.

I am still writing because I really don't want to go to bed (as I have work first thing tomorrow) and yet I have nothing else here to do...
Save me! ^_^

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