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Back a few years

Today was a full day. Besides work, a thunderstorm, and the usual poking around the internet (this time around the topic of Gagaku...), I got to relive some childhood experiences:

making chocolate chip cookies with my dad, eating the batter from the bowl, and then running off to play N64! Yes, my brother got out all the "old" (they really aren't *that* old!) games like Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, the old Super Smash Bros and I tried my hand at Zelda. Ah it was good family fun^^

I feel so drained from this day!
The museum has some new items
-a stuffed phesant and Ruffed grouse (PA State bird) in the hall
-a heavy clock in the dining room that chimes strangely
-and on loan are a whole arsenal of Civil War rifles, pistols, and the works
I was surprised to see them lined up on the table in the kitchen! Slifer House Museum is holding a special series of Civil-War related events, so...
Thankfully I didn't have much work today, just sorting papers, memberships, making and filing copies of documents, etc. Tomorrow we deliver flyers. Wednesday are two group tours in the morning. Thursday, we have a concert and I have to move a piano (possibly by myself? O_o). Last year we moved it through the rain! Poor piano. Next week, we have a Civil War event, the two-day yard sale, the Art and Antiques Auction, and a Literary Club meeting. Gah. I won't have any peace. Why did I do this to myself? I am tempted to feel depressed at that thought and considering what a horrible possible future lies immediately after Gettysburg - but I will avoid that for now or else I *will* become despondant.

Ahhh, the flute music of Hiromasa ^____^ I am glad I bought that CD while I was still in Japan. I wish I'd stayed there.

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