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Slifer Average Day 2

Tuesday at Slifer House and what a typical day!

I walk in and they are in the middle of a meeting about the Art & Antiques Auction. I listened for a while until they asked me to make 200 copies of flyers to hand out at a Lewisburg concert event (not a Slifer House concert, though).
After the meeting, my boss and I delivered things to committee members. Following this, I was given the duty of editing a pamphlet about the architect of Slifer House. While I did that, my boss worked on the catalogue for the Art Auction. I helped him collect all the art and read some small printed signatures, etc.
We ate lunch and before it hit 1 pm we got a tour. Thankfully, the boss called in backup and Marge came to save the day! She left after that tour but had to return at 3 for yet a second tour. Another man came in and asked to see his loaned items. Some more people came to drop off things for the yard sale. The phone rang off the hook all afternoon - about the auction, the concert Thursday, questions about Union Co. history, etcetc.
And that's the way it always goes!
What a day! I am exhausted!
[addition 9pm: I never ever take naps but..."I feel asleep" (Metal Gear Engrish) during the TV show for 20 mins!? What's wrong with me O_o]

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