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Work all day and night!

Whew I am tired.
I had a long day at work and a long night at work. Yes, I have to work at the museum's events even though I don't always get paid for those. To balance that out, my boss allows me to take some days as vacation - or at least he did last summer.
Want to hear all about my day at Slifer House Museum...?

The boss had plans to be out of the office all morning, as he was in Baltimore doing work. That left me to do everything! gah! I just started this week and he is already putting me in charge :p Well, he asked a volunteer to come keep me company and help with some things.
First, I finished up a version of the concert program. I wanted to wait for approval of it before running off 100 copies, though. Next I gathered ice cream scoops, bowls, spoons, etc for the concert..but when I went to retrieve the sound wasn't there?! I had no idea what to do, so I moved onto the next task. The volunteer and I had to wheel the piano from the nursing home next door to the front of the museum (the museum is really ownded by that group who run the nursing home and grounds). The move was just in time because the pianist soon showed up for practice! After that I grabbed a quick lunch and then the boss called. He told me to finish the programs and then call around to some people (who's phone numbers he had memorized - wow!) to ask about the sound system. I did it (which is special for me because I am paranoid of making phone calls and pitch a fit when people asdk me to make phone calls to strangers). Everything went ok, though, and soon the speakers were returned, and I finished copying & folding the programs.
By the time my boss got back at 2 pm, everything was ready to go!!
I went home at 4 and slept until 5, when we ate, and then immediately left again for the concert. We had to go early and pick up the ice cream order (cherry and vanilla fudge). Then we lined up chairs, handed out programs, etc. My dad was a big help with that, too.
The ice cream dipping went well and I got to try both flavors^^ We didn't finish up until 9 or 9:30. I got home and sat staring at the TV as my brother and Davey played with the vehicles and guns in Halo. I hadn't checked my email all day until 10:30. gah.
What a super-long day x.x

Tomorrow I am lucky for a number of reasons.
1. The 15 year old volunteer who has been working at Slifer for SIX YEARS(!) will be coming in tomorrow^^ Yay! We will annoy each other and the boss because that's what makes work fun^^
2. I get out of work early to go to a concert!!

This is not just any concert, it is Jars of Clay- my favorite band!! I am so excited and hope they play a couple of my favorite songs^^ If not, I love *all* of their songs anyway, so I can't be disappointed!! :)
Wow, I can't believe I will actually get to see them sing live!? So cool! I feel really lucky!^^

Finally, before sleeping I had to chill out some and decided to equip myself with an icon of the lute from this Onmyoji manga, but I can't decide which one to use...
If anyone is bored and wants to help me decide, here is where I uploaded the 3 or so that I made: see the batch
They aren't the nicest icons I have made, but I don't have time these days to do any more.

Here's some samples for fun if you don't have time to see the link^^

Now I am going to collapse in my bed because I am tired and sore and overworked for today^^
Have a nice weekend, everyone!!

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