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残業-残念! Zangyou-zannen

Today was another day working at Slifer House. I got about an hour off, as my mom had scheduled a dentist appointment for me.

We have so much work left to finish there that I have to go in tonight for a couple more hours overtime. My boss was going to work there by himself, but he asked I assist in typing up labels, membership cards, copying, and filing. I couldn't say no, so I have to go back in soon.

Good news - Boni-chan is going to return to my host family's house and will have puppies next year sometime! Yay! They will be soooo cute!

Things I miss about Japan (besides the people and language of course):
-Mitokoumon (my weekly samurai tv drama)
-Book Off!
-kitsune udon
-the tomb-park ;_;
-mochi XD
-Weekly planning of trips to temples/shrines

O_o Maybe I should continue Japanese and forget about the Library Science degree...hmmm :3

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