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Haven't had much to type about -work wouldn't be of much interest to anyone, and other than that, I haven't done much of anything exciting.

The art auction was successful and it made the museum a lot of money. Yay. Afterwards, I was hungry and tired so I drove from church to Gram n Pap's, where I ate leftovers from the picnic. Yum! It was a nice evening - they are great.
Today I expected to be free of work, but my boss called me in. I had to get my PPD Test anyway. I didn't get any preperations in line for Sunday because I felt terrible Monday. I will have to wing it! I am really not looking forward to it like I had been, and that's kind of sad.

I did some research tonight - finding out all I can on the subject of Hiromasa in Noh plays, legends, etc. It was interesting, but I am slightly discouraged because I keep thinking that my senior thesis can't be about anything so fun. Still, I learned some things, made some connections, practiced more kanji-reading.

I feel exhausted! I am going to sleep now^^

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