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I was really tired last night when I posted, so I didn't make a whole lot of sense - my appologies!

Tonight, I spent hours researching Hiromasa-related history online and in the books my brother so graciously borrowed from Bucknell University's library! It was great, but my head is swimming. I learned about a number of legends in the 'Tales of Times Now Past' which mention Hiromasa/Genjo. There are also Noh plays about Hiromasa and his 'apprenticeship' to Semimaru, along with a Noh play entitled "Genjo." Unfortunately, it isn't as much about the famous lute as it is about the Emperor who owned Genjo. Either way, I was excited. Also found the names of some compositions Hiromasa produced. It was very exciting and I even managed to order a Gagaku cd from ebay for a very cheap price^^ Woohoo! It was a very scholastic night.

In other news, I think I have just about overcome my fear of telephones...^^ I never liked using phones, for whatever reason. Lately, though, at work and at home I've been on the phone a lot. Next comes overcoming my dislike of tour-guiding >_<

One last funny thing:
Today my boss said to me-You lost a tooth last night, I see.
My boss pointed-You are wearing it around your kneck.
Oh, the magatama :p
Everybody gives me hassles about my magatama!! Why?! It is smoky quartz and the stone is actually a really nice one^^ Plus, it reminds me of Asuka, Nara. Mmmm.

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