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It feels later than it is.

This morning was the Veteran's Parade in Lewisburg. They had over 100 groups marching in the parade! A lot were vetrans, of course, but many others were local Civil War re-enactors, bands, fife & drum corps, bagpipers, etc! Our museum people marched in Victorian costume. Some others were dressed as Pilgrims, others as Pioneers, and they even had a statue-of-liberty-person - it was fun.

Afterwards we got lunch at China King Buffet (I love their chicken & broccoli...the dumplings are good, too..and how could I forget cheese wontons?!). We didn't notice how hot it was until we got home and collapsed in the Central Air. I really wanted to sleep - my head was sore - but instead I forced myself to read Japanese. I translated a couple pages^^ But now my head and eyes both are spinning!

Tonight I have to finish preperations for my presentation...I really don't want to! >_< At least last night was fun - we watched 'Return of the Jedi' and it was very amusing^^ My brother even watched it with us?! Wow! Those Ewoks are fuzzy-machines of death XD And they are so cute! Still, I like the scene when Luke marches his way into Jabba's palace with that dark robe on...^^ It almost makes me want to see the newest film...! I hear the end is really good, but I haven't really talked much to anyone about it.
...I wonder if they will ever make a film version of the Truce at Bakura? O_o *dreams*

BTW, as far as games go, my brother just got Guild Wars and it looks great! Almost makes me wanna play, too!

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