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Through one day-on to the next!

Sunday I had my presentation on Japan. I set up two tables with photos, tea ceremony items, money, etc - just enough stuff to give a bit of atmosphere. Mom had tea and dad made cookies, both of which were gone by the time the presentation finished! Besides the fact that it was over 96 degrees, I guess it went all right. I was rather nervous, but people gave me nice comments. It's always hard to tell if I am boring people with my stories, but I tried to pick out some interesting ones - everything from Nara deer, Kinkakuji and the like to topics concerning futarinori and Sakura beer^^

Anyway, it is done! And even better, I got the day off work today! It was nice to sleep in. I had planned to translate Japanese all day, but I didn't get a lot of that done at all. Instead I went shopping with my mom, watched my brother play Guild Wars, and chatted with dad. So it was still a nice day - though for some reason I've been feeling this urgency to get translation done. It *is* vacation, though; so I should not worry, ne! I am up to page 38 in the first Onmyoji novel - they finally mentioned Genjo!

Maybe the reason I feel stressed about Japanese is just worry about my thesis...I still don't have an idea for a topic, even after searching 2 hours this afternoon. I don't think about it often, but maybe that's what's weighing me down in some way.

Tomorrow is full of work, so I best be getting sleep.

Hope you all are doing well!

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