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Hot at the museum

Today I realized that I am enjoying my job more and more by the day. Even though I dread the possibility of giving tours, I am getting used to everything else - finding lost folders is not as hopeless a task as it was, creating flyers is a breeze, catching phone messages is almost fun, and the boss is in better humor! Of course it helps to have Chris back (the 15 year-old-volunteer tour guide)! The three of us spent our lunch break joking about school. I laughed more than I have in weeks! I am still slightly afraid of the museum and it's manequins (it can be creepy sometimes), but mostly I think I've adjusted to the job. I guess it's about time, as I have been there three summers in a row! It's terrifying to think that next summer I won't be able to go back. Anyway, I will have to enjoy this summer.

The problem with enjoying life is that is keeps in motion. Just when I learn to appreciate one thing, it's already past and I have something new to adjust to! ^^ Of course that is the fun of it, sometimes! Other times it is rather annoying :p

The worst part of this week for me has been the heat. It's gotten up over 100 degrees everyday and the museum has a broken AC! We melt and dehydrate and it's hard to focus on any job with energy. I hope we get some good thunderstorms to break this trend - otherwise, it will continue to be like a real ol' Japanese summer!!

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