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Two late nights

It is Sunday morning.
Friday night I was watching video games and drawing with Laura, Reees, Sylvia, and Dave. Last night I was doing about the same. Saturday morning I got in around 1, got to bed after an hour of trying to make Two Towers work. This morning I got in at about 2, and watched LOTR:FOTR till 4 am. Once Frodo got safe into Rivendell and the formed the Fellowship, I thought it would be safe to call it a night.

Now Reeves is on my back yet once again!
Setsukachan: o my word

Well, I have homework first, but then I shall draw, yes, then I shall. (O man! I feel like I am gonna be busier this Semester than last Semester with webcomic prep work!!

Got to get started on work! Be around later.

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