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Gettysburg...July 4th...

While I was at work I was telling my boss how I will be going to Gettysburg this's my grandmother's birthday on the 4th of July...that's also our nation's birthday...and the 1st through the 3rd marks the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg...
then it dawned on me...

4th of July...1-3 of July...I will be in Gettysburg...

It is gonna be madness in that town!!
Traffic will be blocked for miles and miles!
Reenactors will be camped everywhere!
(I have nothing against them, though^^ :p)
And it will be a huge mass of chaos as people fill hotels, restaurants, streets!!

It will be interesting ^_^ But my boss just pointed and said "aha!" in revenge.

We are going there just for the day, because we have to be home for church on Sunday. While there we plan to shoot clay pigeons, clean the fishbowl, and eat a feast of homemade turkey, potatoes, broccoli, crab imperial, and key lime pie :p Sounds like fun to me! Even if the town is in madness :D I guess the neighbors won't mind us shooting since there will be an endless roar of cannons for days!

I love Gettysburg.

And my boss also told me to beware of ghosts ;) I still have yet to discover if my housing this year is boss told me to watch out under the bed...Ah!^^ Silly boss.

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